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We here at C.A.T.S. are continually trying to improve and broaden our product line. As new products, and updates to current products and ECM Definition Files become available, we will post them on this page for easy reference.

Remember, as a registered user of our products, you are always entitled to any updates free of charge.

For a list of the current versions of all the ECM Definition Files and Vehicle Definition Files see the Current ECM Definition File Versions page.

We rely heavily on feedback from our users for new products and improvements, so please send us an e-mail at with your suggestions and comments.

New Release - DataCat:


DataCat Program

OBDI Data logging and playback

1.06 12/12/18

New Releases - OBDI Tuner:


$4A ECM Definition File

87 Bonneville, Delta 88, Le Sabre  LG3 3.8L, V6

A 01/30/17

4C ECM Definition File

87 Grand Am, Calias, Skylark, LN7 3.0L, V6

A 01/30/17

Recent Updates - OBDI Tuner:

PCM_EE $EE ECM Definition File  DN 10/25/17
PCM_EEB $EEB ECM Definition File  CU 10/25/17
PCM_V6 V6 ECM Definition File  I 08/15/17
PCM_0E $0E ECM Definition File  W 08/01/17
FormLib.tff Form library file 15.1 06/24/16
Tuner Latest version of the C.A.T.S. Tuner program 2.31 10/09/15
RT Tuner Latest version of the C.A.T.S. RT Tuner real-time tuning program. 1.39 10/09/15
WinFlash Latest version of the C.A.T.S. WinFlash program 3.10 10/09/15


New Releases - OBDII Tuner:

OBD2_30 Vehicle Definition File

2005 - 2006 E40 ECM Vehicles

OBD2_46 Vehicle Definition File   03/09/18




Vehicle Definition File:

2015 - 2016 T87 8-speed transmission TCM




Recent Updates - OBDII Tuner:

OBDII Tuner Update to latest version of the C.A.T.S. OBDII Tuner program 3.50 07/10/18
WinFlash OBDII Update to latest version of the C.A.T.S. WinFlash OBDII program 3.61 06/05/18
OBDII RT Tuner Update to latest version of the C.A.T.S. OBDII RT Tuner program 3.52 07/10/18
OBDII VDF Editor Update to latest version of the C.A.T.S. OBDII VDF Editor program 2.82 05/15/18
OBD2Form1.tff OBD2 Form Library 1 12.2 04/20/18
OBD2Form2.tff OBD2 Form Library 2 10.5 07/15/14
OBD2Form3.tff OBD2 Form Library 3 1.3 01/07/16
OBD2Form4.tff OBD2 Form Library 4 14.0 04/13/18
OBD2Form5.tff OBD2 Form Library 5 1.0 03/09/18
OBD2Form6.tff OBD2 Form Library 6 1.0 03/09/18
OBD2FormLT.tff OBD2 08 Form Library  1.7 12/22/17
PCM.DAT Program PCM Data File ZZ 07/10/18
VDF Files

Vehicle Definition Files

(most files have been recently updated)