OBDII Converter ADC Connector


This is the mating connector to the analog to digital converter (ADC) connector on the side of the C.A.T.S. OBDII Converter and the JET DST interface. This connector allows you to connect to the ADC inputs for use with the data logging programs. The cost of this connector including shipping is $5.00.


The connections for the ADC channels in the OBDII Converter are as follows:

            Pin                                           Description
              1                  Channel 1
              2                  Channel 2
              3                  Channel 3
              4                  Ground (nearest to the 9 pin PC or USB connector)



Note: The very early OBDII converters did not have these ADC inputs and there is no ADC connector on the side of the box. Unfortunately, the early converters can not be updated to add the ADC inputs.